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Optical Carrier/SONET/SDH Facts on OCn - OC-1, OC-3, OC-12, OC-24, OC-48, OC-192, OC-768 and OC-3072 Bandwidth

Optical Carrier Bandwidth, SONET/SDH/Optical Carrier Facts and Optical Carrier Providers

The two protocols below are standardized by the following:

  • Synchronous Digital Hierarchy or the acronym SDH is the standard defined by the ETSI or the European Telecommunications Standards Institute
  • Synchronous Optical Networking or SONET for short is the standard defined by T1.105 from American National Standards Institute and GR-253-CORE from Telcordia.
  • SONET (Synchronous Optical Networking)/SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) Data Rates

    SONET/SDH Chart and Bandwidths
    SONET Optical Carrier LevelSONET Frame FormatSDH level and Frame FormatPayload Bandwidth Kbps (kilo bits per second)Line Rate Kbps (kilo bits per second)
    OC-1 STS-1 STM-0 50,112 51,840
    OC-3 STS-3 STM-1 150,336 155,520
    OC-12 STS-12 STM-4 601,344 622,080
    OC-24 STS-24 1,202,688 1,244,160
    OC-48 STS-48 STM-16 2,405,376 2,488,320
    OC-192 STS-192 STM-64 9,621,504 9,953,280
    OC-768 STS-768 STM-256 38,486,016 39,813,120
    OC-3072 STS-3072 STM-1024 153,944,064 159,252,240


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